2012, at The New Ohio, Ice factory, ARS Nova ANT Fest

“Collaborators Jeremy Bloom and Brian Rady have elevated the high sentiment of a hundred year old melodrama into a musical rich with feeling"

- 5th Wall Theater Review

Adapted & directed by Jeremy Bloom, music by Catherine Brookman, Ellen O’Meara & Joe White, featuring Starr Busby, Catherine Brookman, Tom Hennes, and Brian Rady, sound design by Matthew Gantt at Ars Nova and Lucas Segall at the Bew Ohio, costume design by Kathleen Doyle

support from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Manhattan Community Arts Fund/ NYS Department of Cultural Affairs

Exploding onto the frontiers of uninhabited California, the only female in the entire Gold Rush town of Cloudy Mountain sets up her saloon. Mythologized in David Belasco's grandiose 1911 novel, and canonized as one of the great spaghetti westerns, a play-turned-novel-turned-Puccini-extravaganza, this modernized golden paradigm is a new music and soul-filled ode to the unexplored and untouched expanse of our nation’s forgotten periphery, and the baffling potential successes of what could’ve been.